PostureTek & Your Health

The PostureTek is an innovative posture training aid and biofeedback system.  It was developed by Dr. Brian McKeon, a renowned surgeon and the team doctor for the Boston Celtics, in conjuction with his team of orthopedic surgeons and engineers. 

Peer reviewed published literature confirms that poor posture is not only related to muscuskeletal maladies, but also nervous, respiratory, digestive, and psychological problems.  Improved posture maximizes proper performance of essential human functions.

The effects of prolonged poor posture can be painless and invisible at first.  Over time, chronic postural imbalances dramatically increase wear and tear on your body leading to pain.  Perseus Athletics designed the PostureTek to help develop good postural awareness.  The effect of consistent use is optimal body alignment.    Orthopedists, chiropractors, neuromuscular therapists and athletic trainers physiatrists routinely identify and treat postural imbalances.  However, these treatments are only temporary if they are not complemented by new postural habits.

You may not know it, but your posture affects many aspects of your overall health and well-being. And it's amazing to think that just by standing straight, you can prevent, alleviate, and even reverse a variety of health issues, including: 


"Good posture is also good prevention.  If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended.  Faulty posture may cause you fatigue, muscular strain, and, in later stages, pain.  Many individuals with chronic back pain can trace their problems to years of faulty postural habits.  In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital orgrans, particularly those in the abdominal region.1"

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The PostureTek shirt uses biofeedback technology to improve posture and ensure proper spinal alignment, reducing wear and tear on your back and shoulders. That’s what makes PostureTek the ultimate posture aid.

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1 American Physical Therapy Association