PostureTek Testimonials

"I have always loved Dr. Brian's innovation and approach to wellness, however the revolutionary design of the PostureTek shirt has blown me away.  The silent reminder is such a great way to learn correct posture."

                                                       Steven Tyler, Lead Vocalist for Aerosmith


"Dr. McKeon's shirt has unbelievable potential across many aspects of consumer needs and their wellbeing.  I have been preaching good posture to my patients and players for decades."

                                                       Ed Lacerte, Boston Celtic's Trainer

"The PostureTek garment is a fascinating method to encourage proper posture and scapular position. I consider this a muscular training aid which is much more valuable than currently available straps and harnesses that purportedly treat poor posture. I commend Dr McKeon on recognizing the importance of treating this often silent disease. "

                                                       Dr. Alan Curtis, Orthopedic Shoulder Specialist, Boston, MA


“The shirt corrects me all the time.  I’ve noticed a difference in my posture. It is much easier to stand up tall. I have even been able to rake the leaves.”


                                                     Jack, a firefighter and part-time contractor,

                                                     affected by a head injury and patient at

                                                     Community Rehab Care in Quincy, MA


“The shirt is working great. I don’t have to tell him to stand up straight anymore. He straightens up on his own once the shirt buzzes. I notice a difference in his walk.”


                                                     Barbara, Jack's wife.