Golf Training Benefits

As any golfer can attest, the golf swing involves an incredibly complex set of movements. The Anchor is a golf swing training aid that addresses one of the most critical elements of your swing: lower body stability. Experts recognize that maintaining proper knee flex on your back leg helps avoid many fundamental errors, such as swaying, “coming up out of the swing,” over-swinging and the dreaded “reverse pivot.”

The Anchor golf swing training aid helps restrict your hip turn, puts the club on a proper swing plane, and minimizes "over the top" movements. Used as a training aid, The Anchor can be worn at the driving range as well as on the course during practice rounds. Used consistently, it will help train your body to hit the ball squarely every time. Before you know it, your swing (not to mention your score) will improve dramatically.  The Anchor golf swing training aid benefits:

•    Stabilizes golf swing
•    Maintains proper knee flex
•    Improves power and accuracy
•    Ensures proper balance
•    Stops over-the-top maneuvers
•    Prevents reverse pivoting
•    Fully adjustable
•    Easy to use
•    Comfortable and durable
•    Perfect for practice play
•    For men, women and juniors

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