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Physicians know that proper posture is essential to alleviating chronic pain in your back, neck and shoulders1. It can help prevent serious injury, maintain flexibility, and have a positive impact on your health in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, many of us have poor posture and don’t even realize it. Even recognizing that you have poor posture is no guarantee that you’ll be able to break the bad habit. 

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The PostureTek system can change all that.

Engineered by Dr. Brian McKeon, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and sports-medicine expert, the PostureTek system was designed to correct improper posture. The PostureTek system is a revolutionary, yet simple-to-use posture aid that uses biofeedback technology to sense incorrect posture. It trains the body to maintain correct posture at all times, and can be worn all day long—whether at the gym, at work or at home. It's a safe, comfortable and easy to use posture aid that can benefit anyone, from young adults to seniors.  There are two components to the PostureTek system, PostureTek 1 and 2.

PostureTek 1 contains a rigid thoracic lumbar sacral orthotic (TLSO) component of the PostureTek System, complementing the active portion of the garment hence allowing for total spinal stability.  PostureTek 2 only uses the microfilaments for sense of change in the upper spinal and shoulder posture. Both systems contain the microfilaments and activation disk.

Learn more about the health problems that posture can impact and purchase a PostureTek posture aid product online today. Understand how the PostureTek system works as a posture aid by watching the video.



1In one study of individual and work-related risk factors for neck pain among office workers, the 12-month prevalence of neck pain self-reported by 520 subjects was 45.5%. There was a significant association between neck pain and the habit of holding the neck in a forward, bent posture for a prolonged period of time.