Biofeedback Technology

Perseus Athletics has designed its PostureTek products with a biofeedback training system to help people of all ages to improve their posture. What is biofeedback training? Essentially, it allows the body to train itself via physiological responses and sensory feedback.

The biofeedback training system is housed in a small microfilament cable incorporated into the PostureTek clothing, running throughout the upper back and shoulder area. These microfilaments sense changes in the cable tensions whenever posture has been compromised. Instantly, a tiny, silent vibration is sent to the Activation Disc situated under the left armpit, alerting you (and only you) to restore proper posture. Once you have, the vibration will stop.

Over time, muscles in the back and shoulder will become strengthened, and perfect posture will become second nature.

Learn more about the PostureTek posture aid biofeedback training system.