Product Testimonials


"The PostureTek garment is a fascinating method to encourage proper posture and scapular position. I consider this a muscular training aid which is much more valuable than currently available straps and harnesses that purportedly treat poor posture. I commend Dr McKeon on recognizing the importance of treating this often silent disease."

                                                       Dr. Alan Curtis, Orthopedic Shoulder Specialist, Boston, MA


"I have always loved Dr. Brian's innovation and approach to wellness, however the revolutionary design of the PostureTek shirt has blown me away.  The silent reminder is such a great way to learn correct posture."

                                                        Steven Tyler, Lead Vocalist for Aerosmith


"Dr. McKeon's shirt has unbelievable potential across many aspects of consumer needs and their wellbeing.  I have been preaching good posture to my patients and players for decades."

                                                        Ed Lacerte, Boston Celtic's Trainer

 “The shirt corrects me all the time.  I’ve noticed a difference in my posture. It is much easier to stand up tall. I have even been able to rake the leaves.”

                                                         Jack, a firefighter and part-time contractor

                                                         affected by a head injury and patient at

                                                         Community Rehab Care in Quincy, MA


"The shirt is working great. I don’t have to tell him to stand up straight anymore. He straightens up on his own once the shirt buzzes. I notice a difference in his walk.”


                                                         Barbara, Jack's wife.

The Anchor  

"A golf swing is worthless without a solid foundation, The Anchor training aid is unmatched in it's ability to stabilize a golfer's lower body."

                                                        George Goich, PGA Pro

"I can't repeat enough that lower body stabilization is key to improving your swing, and The Anchor helps achieve this - bracing the lower body through an anchored, flexed back knee."

                                                       Nancy Devine,  Moretown, Vermont