Meet the Executive Team

With a diverse network of talented engineers, designers and medical professionals behind them, Perseus Athletics is led by the vision of Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Brian McKeon and VP of Business Development John Kelly.

Brian P. McKeon, MD, CEO & President

Perseus Athletics™ is the vision of Brian P. McKeon, MD, a talented orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist and Chief Medical Officer/Team Physician for the Boston Celtics.

"In my practice, I treat professional athletes, ballet dancers and a range of individuals who live active lifestyles," says Dr. McKeon. "I understand the importance of proper biomechanics and the role of conditioning in injury prevention. I see a lot of stress injuries in my practice—they can happen to anyone."

Dr. McKeon also applies his expertise in the corporate world, where he consults on return-to-work and occupational health issues. And, he still finds time to take his research into the lab, where he studies articular cartilage—the smooth tissue that lines the joints.

Today Dr. McKeon balances his scientific investigation with the development of products that prevent injury and support athletic performance. The Perseus PostureTek™ system, which represents a revolution in biofeedback technology, is the result of extensive research by orthopedic surgeons and engineers.

"We know poor posture leads to pain and injury," notes Dr. McKeon, "which is why the PostureTek line has appeal to everyone from laptop-users to weight-lifters."

And as an avid sportsman, Dr. McKeon designed The Anchor® golf training aid to improve his own swing; quickly realizing it would benefit any golfer. "My interests—sports medicine, musculoskeletal research and human performance—all come together at Perseus," says Dr. McKeon. "I get to draw on the expertise of my renowned colleagues while working with talented designers and engineers. Together, we're bringing cutting-edge technology to the real world of sports medicine. The potential is unlimited."

John Kelly, Vice President of Business Development

John has a long track record developing and managing sales and business development operations. Prior to joining Perseus Athletics, John was a Business Development executive for Virginia-based consulting firm MicroLink LLC, managing and growing revenue from large Fortune 500 organizations like General Motors, Fidelity, Pfizer, Vanguard, Abbott Labs, The Hartford, GlaxoSmithKline, McKinsey, and Travelers Insurance.

John was also principal and partner at NRC Securities on the NYSE trading floor, where he led the company's strategic efforts in managing order flow for various equity trading desks.

Prior to the NYSE, John was an Associate Partner at Landmark Ventures, a NYC based strategic advisory firm for venture capital backed companies, and was responsible for key client relationships and managing vast networks of contacts across the Fortune 500 and Global 2000. 

An avid offshore angler and accomplished fly fisherman, John graduated from Ithaca College with a B.A. degree in Economics and a minor in History. An Emerson Scholarship winner, John was a 4-year member of the successful Ithaca College football and track and field squads.