Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

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Final Mile Returns and Product Exchanges

Delivering parts and supplies to your customers and technicians is a logistics challenge in itself. What if a mission critical switch fails or a medical device needs recall for an FDA mandated review? Whether you need to manage returns of service parts, medical equipment or other products, US Delivery & Courier Service can provide customized solutions for all your reverse logistics needs.

Turning Inefficient Returns Processes into Streamlined Reverse Logistics Solutions

Our reverse logistics services to medical device, equipment and technology companies includes:

  • Time critical pickups, returns and close to customer forward stocking solutions to accept and process returns at homes, businesses or medical facilities
  • Equipment removal, replacement and setup of new equipment
  • Product, component or equipment returns that support programs for quality control, recycling or final disposal
  • Delivery technologies:
    • Real time shipment tracking and delivery notifications, including automatic proof of deliveries (PODs)
    • Barcode scanning capabilities at the driver level for on the fly returns or exchanges
    • Integration with shipping applications of parcel carriers UPS and FedEx
  • Single source solution includes 24/7 access to our customer portal and our caring customer service