Forward Stocking

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Forward Stocking and On Demand Deliveries

Consolidate expensive and difficult to track computer parts or medical supplies in trunk-shared representative stock and consignment inventory scattered at various points and customers around the country. The US Delivery & Courier Service understands the challenges you may be having with other providers’ last minute inventory strategies and is experienced with putting your product in the right hands at the right time. Our infrastructure is flexible, scalable and able to position your inventory close to each of your customers to ensure the on-time delivery of important shipments.

Position Inventory, Parts and Supplies with One Nationwide Provider

We solve your complex stocking and on demand delivery dilemmas in a single call and one invoice solution. Our forward stocking locations allow you to position your inventory anywhere in the United States to meet tight delivery windows. We handle any time constraints involving same day, two hour, 90 minute, or 60 minute delivery windows.

  • Strategic forward stocking and inventory management services customized to each customer, industry and business requirement
  • Online inventory visibility: secure, real time 24/7 access to your orders and inventory at stocking locations nationwide in our order management system
  • Break freight, consolidate and build orders
  • Barcode scanning capabilities used by select service partners and forward stocking locations to scan inbound and outbound inventory
  • Delivery options include dedicated direct, time definite, scheduled and routed
  • Transportation and distribution solutions by air, truck and van with dedicated vehicles