Inventory Management

Inventory Management

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Flexible Inventory Management Programs

Complex logistics challenges often have delivery destinations all over the country with many different items for shipment. With poorly equipped service providers, parts or products can be lost in a mix of stocking locations and warehouses with little to no visibility in vendors’ inventory systems or online. The US Delivery & Courier Service, a leading provider of forward stocking and white glove delivery solutions, understands the challenges of inventory management programs and helps you manage, view and track inventory in a single solution.

Centralized Support for Multiple Point Stock and Orders

We have the scalability to reconfigure or add locations for improved customer response times and optimized inventory. Discover the difference with our infrastructure and advanced inventory management:

  • Strategic forward stocking and inventory management services, bringing inventory as close as possible to end users for medical facilities, businesses, repair technicians and sales personnel
  • Single source solution for pick and pack, kitting and fulfillment
  • Secure, real time 24/7 access to your orders and inventory at stocking locations nationwide
  • System integration capabilities for all inventory management systems
  • Access to our online order management system to manage inventory: check, search and track inventory by lot total, product number, serial number or SKU
  • Cycle counts, minimum/maximum replenishment and item movement reporting
  • Periodic distribution and forward stocking location audits to ensure required compliance