Infusion, Other Homecare Therapies

How We Can Help

Last Mile Infusion and Homecare Therapy Delivery

Patients often must deal with long delivery windows, damaged products or items left at the door. We understand that it’s critical that medications are delivered directly to the patient without waiting all day. Leading infusion providers turn to us for the accurate and on time delivery of time and temperature sensitive home therapies and delivery equipment. We understand that delicate items like chemotherapy treatments and other IV drugs require special handling.

An In Home Medical Delivery Expert You Can Trust

Our caring service and advanced technology deliver exceptional service to in-home patients, including:

  • In transit temperature controlled monitoring and certification in cold chain management
  • Sensitivity trained delivery personnel are educated about each homecare therapy patient’s needs
  • Online patient scheduling of deliveries for convenience or by phone with our customer service
  • Driver calls recipients with his/her name and arrival time when 30 minutes away
  • Delivery to room of choice and removal of expired supplies
  • Post delivery calls by our customer service to ensure patient satisfaction