System Integration

System Integration

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Delivery Technology Customized to Your Business Requirements

Companies that supply critical parts and products or lifesaving medical equipment to locations across the country often have unique delivery requirements. US Delivery & Courier Service gets the job done with customized technology solutions that fulfill even the most complex delivery requirements.

We develop solutions that fully meet your current service level agreements (SLAs) with the flexibility to adapt to your evolving business requirements.

  • Seamless unification with inventory management systems, transportation management systems (TMS) and other internal company supply chain systems:
    • EDI capabilities include custom EDI interfaces and working with value added networks (VAN) or third party providers to facilitate
    • Capabilities with standard EDI formats, XML or web services
    • Standard and custom reports for key performance indicators and inventory
  • Integration capabilities with shipping applications of parcel carriers UPS and FedEx include:
    • Obtain the carrier’s tracking number for each parcel and incorporate information into our order management system to that of the customer
    • Retrieve shipping labels from outside carriers and automatically email labels to service partners for processing deliveries