How We Can Help

Our Energy Consumption

We recognize the importance of reducing energy consumption to promote greener living. As a nationwide provider of forward stocking and delivery solutions, our main consumption of energy is the fuel used in the vehicles in our network of  service partners, as well as the energy required to heat, cool and power our facilities and warehouses.

Energy Sustainability Is a Team Effort

Conservation efforts across our network include:

  • World Courier Ground participates in the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay program, earning Transport Partner status in 2012

Benefit: SmartWay helps to reduce transportation-related emissions by improving fuel efficiency across the supply chain.


  • Our service partners substitute compact vehicles for larger ones whenever possible to reduce fuel emissions and costs

Benefit: The potential to reduce oil consumption by as much as 15 barrels of oil per year per vehicle and carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 3 tons per year per vehicle, each averaging 30,000 miles per year.

  • Our service partners continue to add hybrid vehicles to their fleets, including compact cars and SUVs

Benefit: Compared to the typical midsize vehicle, the use of hybrid vehicles reduces oil consumption by as much as 30 barrels per vehicle per year and carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 6 tons per vehicle per year.

Our commitment to quality service and training means we don’t waste valuable resources to get the job done.