Samples and Specimens

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Deliveries of Medical Samples and Specimens

Blood samples and other biological specimens require pickup and delivery across town or across the country, and clinical trial samples need to be consolidated and rushed to a contract research organization (CRO) for analysis. Biological samples require extreme care with temperature management and quality packaging.

Real time tracking, cold chain expertise and one call accountability are standard fare with the US Delivery & Courier Service. We are an ISO 9001 2008 certified, recognized medical delivery specialist serving medical diagnostic labs, hospitals and healthcare networks.

Specimens and Samples Handled with Care

Solve your medical delivery challenges with our professional customer care and quality processes:

  • Specially screened and trained medical delivery drivers including HIPAA and annual OSHA training for handling and transportation of biological samples and hazardous materials per 49 CFR, 171-180
  • Consolidation of clinical trial and other medical specimens for delivery to regional or central lab for analysis
  • Customized packaging or kitting of shipments including labeling for shipment by third party
  • Temperature controlled handling:
    • Packages ranging from ambient to frozen temperatures
    • In transit temperature controlled monitoring
    • Certification in cold chain management