Vaccines and Biologics

How We Can Help

Trusted Shipping Specialist for Vaccines and Biologics

The shipping and delivery of biological materials—from small batch biopharmaceuticals to large scale vaccinations like the national distribution of the H1N1 immunization—require urgency, accuracy and professional care. The perishable nature of these shipments make deliveries complicated, but the right provider will ensure stock in locations across the country, disposal of medical waste and delivery tracking. We provide end to end accountability for temperature and time sensitive materials, including kitting and delivery of vaccines and other clinical medications.

On Demand Vaccines and Biologics Where You Need Them

Whether you need to ship vaccines and clinical medications nationally or within a specific region, we can make a difference:

  • Quality processes support high shipment accuracy including meeting precise delivery instructions to specific recipients and locations within hospitals and clinic sites
  • On time rate of more than 99%
  • Our nationwide network ensures temperature and time sensitive vaccines and medications are available on demand
  • Temperature controlled monitoring in transit and company certification in cold chain management
  • Secure 24/7 online access to shipment tracking data and medical inventory at our stocking locations nationwide, including by lot or control numbers