Final Mile Flu Vaccine

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When a flu clinic administrator was awarded the contract for a national pharmacy chain just prior to the H1N1 Flu Epidemic, there was no time to waste. The flu clinic’s pharmacy client had over 4500 retail locations across the US where they were offering flu shots, and there were only several weeks to work with as customers were looking for shots as early as August.

There were several items needed to complete the flu clinics including vaccines, syringes, consent forms, signage and other collateral. The vaccine was also perishable and needed to be kept in temperature controlled conditions while in transit and storage. Unused vaccine had to be returned, and syringes properly disposed.


With a pre-existing network of 300 forward stocking and final mile locations, The US Delivery & Courier Service could provide services in all of the markets where the clinics were to be held. Ultimately this made use of 225 forward stocking locations.

While each of the locations was operative on an ongoing basis, not all of them had dedicated cold rooms or refrigerators for clinical materials. Within a week, dedicated cold storage for clinical materials was established at these locations, and temperature logs maintained.


Over a two month period, over 70,000 deliveries were completed consisting of more than 1 million flu shots.

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