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Compliance Training Reduces Risk and Ensures Delivery Accuracy

At the US Delivery & Courier Service, we understand the rigors of quick and safe delivery of your medical samples, specimens, supplies, and other items. Our nationwide network is trained in compliance with customer requirements and all applicable federal, state and local regulations. Whether your deliveries are local, regional or nationwide, our vigilant focus on compliance ensures highly accurate and reliable service.

“Our personally trained delivery personnel share the same core values of trust, peace of mind and customer satisfaction that each of our clients demand with every delivery.”

Brenda Sturm, General Manager

Expert Training for Safety and Security to the Final Mile

With our network of delivery specialists, you can expect these training standards:

  • All service partners are trained to specific customer requirements, including equipment installation and replacement
  • TSA screening and security for all airport related handling
  • We are certified in cold chain management
  • All our service representatives are trained in the protection of PHI and are HIPAA compliant
  • Certified annual driver training in bloodborne pathogens and infectious substances in compliance with 49 CFR 171-180
  • For home medical deliveries, our account representatives and drivers are trained to new patient protocols
  • Drivers are always uniformed with photo ID badges and must pass a 10 year detailed civil and criminal background checks