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Timely, Financial Logistics Solutions

Providing concierge level service to your high wealth clients is difficult without the proper infrastructure to handle the pickup and delivery of important financial documents and daily receipts at the convenience of these clients. It is difficult to find an experienced and trusted delivery company with service partners trained to handle sensitive financial information. With proven performance and reliability, the US Delivery & Courier Service handles your routed and on demand courier needs for important financial and legal documents on a local, regional and national basis.

Trusted Courier Solutions for Sensitive Financial Materials

Our banking and financial services delivery solutions eliminate the high costs of using a different courier in each market and allow you to streamline your network with standardized services, including:

  • Reduced expenses with our single call and invoice solution for courier services of deposits, paperwork or supplies throughout your network
  • Fully bonded and insured drivers must pass a detailed 10 year civil and criminal background check and are aways in full uniform with photo ID badges
  • Pickups and deliveries are made through our established relationships with our highly trained service partners
  • Real time proof of deliveries (PODs) by email, text and RSS feed allowing you and your client to immediately verify receipt at your branch