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Accurate and Timely Pharmaceutical Deliveries

Whether delivering lifesaving medications across town or across the nation, prescriptions are complex, fragile and private. Each delivery requires precision, timeliness and security that can be difficult to obtain. It is necessary that shipments of prescriptions are tracked appropriately to ensure proper handling, protection of personal patient information and tracking across the country.

Security, Technology and Training

We have the infrastructure and advanced technologies to ensure the safe delivery of your prescriptions:

  • Customized packaging, labeling and temperature control for in transit monitoring or shipment by third party
  • Managed recalls of pharmaceutical drugs in emergency situations
  • Transportation services including next flight out and charter services
  • Deliver to designated recipients and return any undeliverable prescriptions and signed documents
  • Specially screened and trained drivers including HIPAA, JCAHO and Medicare
  • Quality processes support high shipment accuracy for precise delivery instructions to specific recipients and locations within a hospital, lab or residence
  • On time rate of more than 99%
  • Secure 24/7 access to your orders, inventory and shipment tracking data