Next Flight Out

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Rush Air Courier and Next Flight Out Services

A replacement dialysis machine is needed across the country or a production team is waiting for a process part in a refinery. Precious minutes matter when parts, equipment or supplies are needed at a job site or factory. Look to US Delivery & Courier Service, an ISO 9001 2008 quality certified provider of delivery solutions, to handle your expedited and next flight out shipments.

Rapid Response from a Trusted Delivery Partner

Through our nationwide network, we can tender your shipments to any airline at any airport for the next flight out. We manage all the details, including airway bills and other documents, dispatching drivers to major airports and secondary airports nationwide to deliver shipments accurately and on time.

Our air courier and next flight out services:

  • Third party logistics solutions include a local, regional and national transportation and delivery network
  • Next flight out and charter services
  • Known shipper inspections
  • Full compliance for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening and security for all airport related handling
  • Real time shipment tracking and notifications, include proof of deliveries (PODs)