Managed Recalls

How We Can Help

Precise and Urgent Managed Recalls

When notified of contaminated medication or defective devices, such as a problem with the flow calibration of an infusion pump or the stability of the release coating in a drug eluting stent, it is challenging to quickly replace and recover the suspect lots of product from hundreds of patients. With the US Delivery & Courier Service core managed recall service, worries will be removed, patients will stay on time critical dosing schedules, and product will be recalled with urgency and accuracy.

Centralized Support for Multiple-Point Recovery and Replacement

No matter when an emergency recall arises, midnight, Sunday or a national holiday, US Delivery & Courier Service will manage your recall.  We have the skill and scalability to recover potentially contaminated lots and distribute replacement product anywhere in the country.

Discover the US Delivery & Courier Service difference with our infrastructure and advanced logistics solutions:

  • 300 final mile delivery and stocking locations across the United States
  • Urgent, time critical same day deliveries with tight SLAs
  • Next flight out from any airport
  • 24/7 availability and project management
  • Lot and expiry tracking, bar code scanning
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Real time proof of delivery by auto email, RSS and text