Residential Medical Solutions

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Medical White Glove, Over the Threshold Home Deliveries

Complex residential medical logistics require extreme care to ensure the proper handling of critical medical devices.  Patients in treatment deserve compassionate customer care with worry-free delivery to their home, no matter where they live. With human lives at stake, accuracy and timeliness of medical deliveries can’t be left to generalists. All of our service partners are thoroughly trained and sensitive to patient needs to ensure the careful management of every delivery.

Final Mile Deliveries to Patients Homes—Where and When it Matters Most

Our white glove medical logistics solutions provide professional, full coverage service:

  • Equipment setup, removal and replacement
  • Pre-delivery services including online scheduling and notification, calls made to recipients day before and day of notifying them when the driver is en route
  • Post-delivery follow-up including calls to every patient to assess satisfaction and accuracy
  • Provide detailed new patient on-board protocols to customer service representatives and drivers to follow