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Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting

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Application Summary

The key to inventory planning is an accurate demand forecast. eCity’s forecasting module captures “true demand” and prepares a forecast. Review your forecast, make adjustments and send to the planner for an optimal schedule of planned supply orders.

“True Demand” excludes non-recurring demand and reflects the demanded product and date (not necessarily the item shipped or issued). Promotional demand is kept separate allowing you to asses the effect of a promotion and adjusts the forecast.

The forecast is prepared by applying a number of easily understand models to the demand and using the model that best fits recent demand. The result is a forecast your inventory planner can understand without requiring the knowledge of complex statistical formulas.

High level features of the Supply Chain planning and Forecasting include:

  • Weekly or monthly forecasts
  • Separate forecasts for key customers
  • Capture “true” demand
  • Track promotional demand
  • Drill back to order lines
  • Flag “extraordinary” demand
  • Easily understood “focus forecasting” technique
  • Automatic model selection (best fit)
  • Manual model selection
  • Override system forecast
  • Forecast review and approval process
  • Forecast consumption logic

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