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Common Features

Features Common To All Slingshot ERP Software Modules

It's important to get an understanding of the combined functional power of Slingshot's ERP software modules. These functions are available whether you implement the ERP software modules individually, or as an integrated package.

User Configurable Dashboard

A “User Configurable Dashboard” is available on all Slingshot ERP software modules. The dashboard provides a single place to view your most important business performance indicators. Functionality on the dashboard includes:

  • Custom Menu (Favorites): Users are able to configure their most commonly referenced menu items in a quick link area.
  • Measures: User configurable Crystal reports (graphs, pie charts and so on) highlight the performance of your business in real time.
  • Alerts: Automated notification of (configurable) exception conditions enable quick action if required.
  • Company Message Board: Use the message board to communicate with all team members, individuals or to users of nominated roles.
  • Workflow Tracking: Workflows are represented on the calendar, providing visual prompts as to when they are due for action/approval.

Global Functional Highlights

Other functional highlights across Slingshot's ERP software modules include:

  • Multiple User Roles: Roles are used to define functionality and information available to individual users. Very flexible. Very powerful
  • Span of Control: Based on Role, users may be restricted to see information only from certain locations, products, customers etc.
  • Multi Lingual/Multi Currency Interface: Forms and menus automatically translate labels, titles, messages and drop-down box options into the user's preferred language and currency.
  • Integrated Crystal Reporting: Run reports and export them to a variety of formats (MS Office etc) for free form "slicing and dicing".
  • Security Infrastructure: A set of forms has been designed specifically for the Security Administrator - quick and easy
  • Audit Controls: Audit logs are written based on configurable settings.
  • Data Archiving: Ensure speed and longevity of your data sets with configurable archiving options.
  • Process Monitoring: Activate background processing tasks (during or off hours) to utilize unused processing power
  • Upgrade Assist: Use Slingshot utilities to automate the upgrade process (otherwise impossible with many ERP software systems on the market today).

Combined, Slingshot's ERP software enables integration of your business operations with those of your suppliers and trading partners, resulting in efficiency of process, greater growth potential for your business and ultimately, greater profitability.

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