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eTools provides its own job scheduling and execution facility. Jobs are launched from an eCity job form. They can be scheduled to execute at future date and time or on a recurring basis (user specified frequency).

Performance Issues Addressed For You

Application development can require significant effort in technical issues such as transaction control and locking. eTools addresses these issues for you.

When information is retrieved it is automatically stored in an “Object Cache”. The system retrieves information from the cache whenever possible for maximum performance.

An “Opportunistic Locking Model” is used to manage record contention. Records are not locked when initially read. When a transaction is about to be posted, the information participating in the transaction is reread and locked. If the information has not changed, the transaction is posted. If it has, the transaction is rolled back.

eTools has a number of default transaction control rules. However, each of these can be overridden for specific methods providing the capability to reduce the granularity of large transactions

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