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Slingshot has over two decades of experience addressing the integrated supply chain technology and order management needs of organizations in High Technology, Electronics and other industries.

Our eCity adaptive web architecture allows you to quickly mold the system to your unique requirements, allowing you to maintain and grow your competitive advantages by empowering you to react to changing market conditions faster than your competition. Our eCity supply chain technology application suite has been designed for rapid implementation, allowing you to improve the collaboration across your entire supply chain and enhance your customer relationships.

In addition to the core supply chain technology and order management functionality, the eCity e-business product suite addresses many other issues that are important to the High Tech and Electronics industries including:

  • Internet Customer Order Entry and Tracking
  • Internet Wireless Data Access and Bar Code Scanning (WAP)
  • Real Time Available To Promise
  • Internet Data Interchange (Order, Packing Slip, Invoice, Forecast etc.)
  • Product Configuration / Validation (options and variants)
  • Product Revision Level Tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking, Warranty and Lot Control
  • Service Deport Support
  • Mobile Service Technicians
  • Installed Equipment Database Tracking
  • Subcontracted Assembly or Test (supplier consignment)
  • Import / Export Costing (landed cost analysis)
  • Real Time Supply Chain Planning
  • Contract Pricing, Consolidated Billing
  • Recurring Billing (support and maintenance)
  • Milestone Billing and Revenue Recognitions (large projects)
  • Quality Assurance and Inbound Inspection
  • Returns and Complaints Analysis

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