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Slingshot's ERP Software Explained

The documents that you can download on this page provide the cook's tour of everything you'll need to know as you research ERP software solutions appropriate for your business.

We'd be pleased to invest an hour with you discussing your particular needs - we specialize in the unique and slightly daunting. Take action by clicking the Talk button on the right, register, and we'll set up a time to discuss your ERP software challenges.

Summary Information About Slingshot and Our ERP Software Products

CMFiles/Docs/Slingshot%20Concatonation%20V2.0.pdf" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
Company & Product Overview
(PDF 536KB)

More Detailed, ERP Software Module Specific Information

eCity - Enterprise Business Suite
(PDF 232K)

eCity Ledger
(PDF 312KB)

eCity Payables
(PDF 344KB)

eCity Receivables
(PDF 308KB)

eCity Buy - Purchase Order Management
(PDF 376KB)

eCity Plan - Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting
(PDF 172KB)

eCity Request - Material Requests
(PDF 328KB)

eCity Sell - Sales Order Management
(PDF 348KB)

eCity Stock - Inventory and Warehouse Management
(PDF 340KB)

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