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HomeBanc Mortgage Takes AIM with eCity

During 2006, HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation implemented eCity Stock in support of its Alliance Inventory Management (AIM) initiative. The objective of the AIM is to make it as easy as possible for buyers to use their mortgage services.

This has been achieved by providing HomeBanc mortgage associates with the ability to process mortgages in over 200 builders’ and realtors’ offices across the US. HomeBanc is utilizing eCity Stock to account for equipment, marketing collateral and other HomeBanc assets in each remote location.

With the help of the user friendly customizing application, eTools, the HomeBanc team has also bee able to take charge of its system, quickly implementing functional changes as they are identified/required by any of the mortgage processing sites that come on-line.

A number of other features are also used such as eCity Workflows that help manage the establishment of each new alliance site electronically. eCity Alerts are used to monitor exception conditions, where notification of the HomeBanc team happens automatically if any action is needed at a remote lending location. eCity reports are used to communicate contract provisions and performance against budget to the HomeBanc Mortgage management team.

Christine Cage, HomeBanc’s Alliance Project Manager, stated that “Slingshot personnel took the time to really understand our unique business needs, and to mold their standard eCity offering using their eTools workbench to address what we needed to manage our Alliance program. We know our requirements are unique and we are very pleased with the results.”

HomeBanc is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has offices and alliance partners throughout Georgia, North and South Carolina and Florida. Their mission statement translates to a simple success formula: “Happy associates will create happy customers, and happy customers will serve as advocates for the brand, leading to increased market share, profitability and enterprise value creation.” This formula guides their operating strategy, which they refer to as their 5 P’s – people, process, product, purchase and profitability. In 2006, HomeBanc was ranked #14 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in America list.

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