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Procurement and Requisition Management

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Solution Summary - Procurement and Requisition Management

Slingshot's ERP software allows you to bring your employees into your procurement process, bringing with them the following advantages:

  • Aggregation of requests for maximum discounts
  • Encouragement of contract purchases and reduce “maverick buys”
  • Automation of tedious and error prone account coding
  • Elimination of disruptive “Request Status” calls to purchasing
  • Overall reduction in the time and expense of your average procurement transaction.

Innovation to Help Your Business

Integration of the Requisition and Purchasing functions introduces efficiency of process that you cannot afford to miss out on. Things such as:

  • Requests can be made on any item including hard goods, services and capital items.
  • When the user “checks out” the request is automatically routed to approvers. When approval is granted items are issued from stock or purchased.
  • Convenient defaults and user preferences eliminate errors and speed the entry process.
  • Approved requests can be issued from inventory, automatically purchased from a contract, or routed to a buyer for a manual purchase order.
  • With Slingshot's Sell module, your buying team will have the tools to automate repetitive, low-dollar, purchases allowing them to focus their efforts on supply planning, contract administration, negotiation and supplier performance.

All parties benefit from this unique approach as the status of any purchase/transaction can be reviewed by the requestor, the purchasor, the supplier or any stakeholding managemrent team.

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