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5/16/2007 12:00:00 AM - Slingshot Marketing Department

User Configurable Dashboard - Now Available

Slingshot has announced that a user configurable “dashboard” has been applied to all eCity applications in Release 9.0.  The screen provides a number of configuration options as well as being able to view indicators of business performance at a glance.  New functionality includes:

  • Custom Menu (Favorites):  Users are able to configure their most commonly referenced menu items in a quick link area.
  • Measures:  A series of user configurable Crystal reports can be embedded within the screen, highlighting real time performance.  A small summary view of each chart is provided, with more detail available on selection of the image.
  • Alerts:  Automated notification of exception conditions enable quick action if required.  Alerts form an important (and customizable) part of the measures screen, and also complement the graphical representation of performance indicator graphs mentioned above.
  • Company Message Board:  Company communications can be distributed via this message board to all users, individuals or to users of nominated roles.
  • Workflow Tracking:  Workflows are represented on the calendar device, providing visual prompts as to when they are due for action/approval.  The number of workflows due for action on any given day is shown on the calendar and drill down capability is provided to enable review and action.

The benefits of the features outlined above include ease of use, automated access to decision support information, intra-company communications and electronic approval/action of workflow processes.

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