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Standard Feedthroughs

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Our standard product ranges consist of six different types of feedthroughs:
Threaded mount feedthroughs, Nut mount feedthroughs, Flange mount feedthroughs, Hollow shaft flange mount feedthroughs, Hollow shaft cartridge mount feedthroughs, and New Metric Feedthroughs.

Download full catalog (PDF) - 658KB)

Clicking on each link below will open up the appropriate page from our catalog in PDF format for easy printing. This page gives a photograph, schematic diagram, and dimensional details for our most commonly requested seals. Please bear in mind that full dimensional information is only listed here for our most commonly sold sizes.

For full specifications for any other size, please call or email us.

Threaded mount feedthroughs


36 K .pdf


Nut mount feedthroughs

60 K .pdf

Flange mount feedthroughs

36 K .pdf

Hollow shaft flange mount feedthroughs

51 K .pdf

Hollow shaft cartridge mount feedthroughs


38 K .pdf

New Metric Feedthroughs

43 K .pdf


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