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Electron Beam Evaporators
Power Supplies
Power Supplies


The Carrera series of power supplies uses primary switched mode technology to offer high efficiency and fast arc detection and recovery in a compact unit. Based on a modular design, the Carrera can be configured for maximum outputs ranging from 3kW to 15kW.


  • Output power from 3 kW to 15 kW
  • Sequential or simultaneous supply for up to three evaporators
  • Primary switched mode power supply
  • Arc detection and suppression within 1 µs
  • Full arc recovery within 3 ms
  • Controllable arc management system
  • Continuously variable high voltage supply from 4 kV to 10 kV
  • Compact design
  • CE certified

Modular Design

Through the introduction of additional 5 kW units, the output power of the standard Carrera 5 can be extended up to 15 kW. This enables, for the first time, higher power applications to benefit from primary switched technology. A load share arrangement ensures that the power output is equally sourced where more than one 5kW unit is installed.

ARC Management

Through a combination of an intelligent arc recognition system and the high switching frequency of the power unit, it is ensured that should any arcs occur they are extinguished extremely quickly. This minimizes the additional energy that would otherwise continue to fed into the arc. Full power is returned within 3 ms to allow the evaporation process to continue. With the aid of a user-set limit for the acceptable arc rate, process integrity can be maintained for processes such as ion assisted deposition.


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