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The Merger

Ferrofluidics Corporation merged with Ferrotec Corporation in 2000. Ferrofluidics Corporation has manufacturing, sales and service and in the US and Europe. Ferrotec Corporation has an extensive sales and manufacturing presence in Japan and China.

As of July 16 2001, Ferrofluidics Corporation is known in the US as Ferrotec (USA) Corporation. This change in name to Ferrotec reflects the worldwide integration of the two companies.

The merger has enabled the company to offer an increased range of capabilities including new product ranges and manufacturing resources. Worldwide, the company now has over 1800 employees and over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space spread over 3 continents. This strong global presence enables Ferrotec to offer truly worldwide sales, service and technical support.

Ferrotec (USA) will continue to focus on its core Ferrofluidic® products. There are now two ferrofluid R&D and production teams, one in Nashua, NH and the other in Chiba, Japan. These teams work closely together to ensure that Ferrotec will continue to offer the most technically advanced ferrofluid in the world. Ferrotec (USA) in Nashua is now the global center of excellence for design and engineering.

The additional products manufactured in Asia, and the manufacturing resources at our plants in China enable Ferrotec (USA) to also offer additional products. These include thermoelectric modules (small solid state heat pumps) and low cost, high quality contract manufacturing capabilities.

Our complete product range now includes:

  • Ferrofluids for a variety of applications including audio speakers, domain detection, educational and other applications
  • Standard and application-specific designed Ferrofluidic® rotary vacuum feedthroughs
  • Ferrofluidic® specialty rotary seals
  • Ferrofluidic® motorized spindles
  • Ferrofluidic® sealing subsystems
  • Ferrofluidic® inertia dampers
  • Electron beam evaporators, controllers and power supplies
  • Thermoelectric modules and subassemblies
  • High quality contract manufacturing


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