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Electron Beam Evaporators
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Electron Beam Evaporators

Ferrotec offers a range of single hearth and multihearth guns for a wide range of deposition requirements.

All Ferrofluidics electron beam guns feature:

  • Long filament life - an asymmetrical emitter configuration virtually eliminates harmful ion bombardment effects on the filament.
  • Stable spot - a thicker filament with short legs guarantees a stable spot over the total life time of the filament.
  • Ease of maintenance - the emitter assembly is easily removed and the filament change is done outside the vacuum system.

Single Hearth Evaporators

Single hearth evaporators are available in HV and UHV configurations. Three sizes are available with differing maximum powers and hearth sizes.

Single Hearth

EV 1-8
EV 1-63 EV 1-15
Hearth Volume
up to 8cc
63cc 180cc
Max. Power
12kW 15kW
Part No
1-65 40 00
1-67 10 00 1-66 60 00

Multi Hearth Evaporators

Ferrotec offers a selection of multi-hearth evaporators to suit every budget and application. For each evaporator, a variety of standard and custom hearths are available.


The EV M-5 is a general purpose multi-hearth source for use up to a maximum power of 5kW. It is ideal for applications requiring high deposition rates and effective material utilization. Typical applications are production coatings or laboratory-scale evaporations with a variety of different materials or with materials which require continuous pocket rotation.

EV M-6 and EV M-8

The EV M-6 and M-8 are professional multi-hearth sources for optical and other high precision applications. The EV S-6 has a maximum power of 6kW and the EV M-8 can be used at powers of up to 10kW. These evaporators offer a small beam spot regardless of position in the pocket and extremely homogenous material depletion. This makes them ideal for precision applications such as optical coating.

EV S-6

The new EV S-6 from Ferrotec is a unique and innovative electron beam evaporator which offers unrivalled flexibility in source location. It is different from other electron beam evaporators in that the vacuum compatible stepper motor and water cooling are inside the evaporator rather than outside the chamber. This means that the EV S-6 is not constrained by a motion feedthrough and can operate in any location or height in the chamber.

This flexibility in positioning makes it ideal for applications such as production coatings or laboratory-scale evaporations with a variety of different materials or with materials requiring continuous pocket rotation. It is also ideal for system retrofits as, unlike with a traditional evaporator, there is no need for baseplate holes to be a specific size or in particular location.

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