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pilaster design to sabs standard

Use the navigation to the right to browse through hundreds of column choices, features and online pricing. Get pilaster design to sabs standard shipped the next day!

Decorative, architectural pilaster design to sabs standard sample and photos.

Many standard designs of pilaster design to sabs standard are available that can be used for corner accents, room seperators, porch and ornamental garden features, and many more. The Colonial Wood column comes with a one year warranty for stock, architectural and clear (smooth) decorative columns.

They come in either round or square varying in size. All columns are available either smooth or fluted.

City Code Section 110-978. Special design requirements in the Old Town Historic District
   Each structure or improvement erected, enlarged or reconstructed in the Old Town Fairfax Historic District shall be designed and constructed in a manner which will complement the unique character and atmosphere of the district with respect to building size, scale, placement, design and the use of materials. Improvements with this district shall be subject to the review and approval of the board of architectural review or the city council, in accordance with the provisions of article XIX of this chapter, for consistency with the aforementioned standards, the city's comprehensive plan and the community appearance plan.

Additionally, the applicant is proposing a pair of lights to be mounted on the casing pilasters flanking the door on the Chain Bridge Road side. These lights are a last-minute addition to the proposal and have not yet been reviewed by staff, but are generally proposed to match the existing lamps flanking the door on the corner of the building.
The proposed signs were reviewed by the City’s Zoning staff on March 16, 2007 and found to be in preliminary conformance with the Zoning Ordinance. The proposed primary signage is comparable in scale and conception to the building’s previous signs, which were approved by the BAR in November of 2005. Lettering is in a serif font per the City’s design aesthetic for the Old Town area, and being constructed of gradated metal it is sufficiently authentic. The hanging bracket sign is in colors that match the doorway casing it is attached to, and is appropriate in color. Lettering on the hanging sign is in a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts, and would be more harmonious if completely in serif.


pilaster design to sabs standard

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pilaster design to sabs standard

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