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panel, paneling, wainscoting, panel wall, wall paneling, wood paneling


"I can't believe how much our house has changed! The comments we get from guests and friends are unending; you sure came through with your system!"



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Complete 8 ft bead board KIT which includes four 8' bead board stiles, one 8' length of cap trim, top & base rails, and shoe.

Introducing Hardwood Raised Panel Wainscoting!!

Custom Results without Custom Prices!!

Deco Moldings, Inc. is a Nevada-based major distribution center with warehouses and customer service in Ontario, Canada.

Our products are built for long life, and the manufacturers' Canadian staff assures you of the best craftsmanship and superior value for all your wainscot and crown molding needs.

Contractors are welcome here! With our manufacturing partner, Elite Mouldings, we can fill virtually any order for wainscoting and moldings. Our warehousing, customer service staff and data processing center augments Elite Moulding's professional production staff in handling larger general contractors and">commercial accounts throughout the US and Canada.

We utilize the most technologically advanced mill equipment, producing beautiful and precise wainscoting and moldings. From this fine attention to detail, we offer you truly professional, ready to assemble wainscoting systems.

The amazing part is the price! Our wainscoting systems are very cost effective, coming to you direct from the factory. To you the buyer, this means no additional markups are incurred as they are when purchased through retailers; just the base price. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Our wainscoting comes pre-primed and usually requires a basic painting after installation. A practical aspect to wainscoting is the tough, durable surface it offers, with ease of cleaning and repairing. Our easy to install wainscoting system transforms a space, adding interesting detail to dining rooms, studies, staircases, or perhaps an accent on one wall of a room, giving it a unique appearance. It is also one of many wall treatments we offer that can be chosen based purely on personal taste, depending on your style and the look you wish to achieve.

Wall Paneled Wainscot
Paneled Wainscot
Flat Paneled Wainscot
Paneled Wainscot
Raised Paneled Wainscot
Paneled Wainscot
Bead Board

Our Beadboard system displays well, lending itself to the appearance of subtle country charm, whereas, our raised panel wainscoting system might be what you are seeking, presenting as a rich, elegant look. Take a look at our wainscoting photo gallery to view our selections, and installation guides. Explore the various ways wainscoting can add character to your home.

The wainscoting kits we provide can be easily installed with a few basic tools and a set of easy to follow instructions supplied with each kit. Regardless of whom you choose to do the install, savings of time and money is the bottom line.

Deco Wall Paneled Wainscot: A Decomoldings exclusive, what we consider the least expensive wainscoting system on the internet. This system is very easy to install and comes pre-routed in 8-foot kits. Although it is the least expensive among our three paneled wainscoting systems, it looks great in any situation. The kits come with either 36" or 42" finished stiles. The kits are perfect for rooms with either 8 or 9-foot ceiling heights, but can be installed for higher ceilings. The system install right over the existing wall board, utilizing the wall as the middle panel. You can use this system to cover any damaged wall by first installing a thin flat piece of wood or MDF to the height of the wainscot, then install the Wall Paneled Wainscot system over it.

Deco Flat Paneled Wainscot: Sometimes referred to as Cape Code or Cottage Style Wainscoting, we call it Deco Flat Paneled Wainscot. It’s priced between the Wall Paneled Wainscot and the Raised Paneled Wainscot. This system can be used to cover up damaged, unfinished or textured wall. Flat Paneled Wainscot is very similar to the Raised paneled except the panels are not raised shape. Instead, the panels are only 1/8" thin piece of wood. The Flat Paneled Wainscot is easier to install than the Raised Panel. It also does not require any shaping or routering.

Deco Raised Panel Wainscot: Our exclusive formal looking wainscoting system. You may have seen this type of wainscoting in century homes. This system is similar to our other Paneled wainscoting, except it uses a 1/2" depth "raised" panel between the stiles and rails. The raised panels are usually found in fine cabinetry or embossed systems, where as our unique Raised Panel system can be customized to any wall. We offer the only fully customizable Raised Wainscot System in the industry. This type of wainscoting has been prohibitively expensive, and could only be installed by a custom carpenter. Using modern manufacturing methods, we have dramatically reduced the cost and intensive labor normally associated with this type of wainscoting. Therefore, this wainscoting system can be also installed by most 'do-it-yourselfers'.


Early columns were constructed of stone, some out of a single piece of stone, usually by turning on a lathe-like apparatus. Single-piece columns are among the heaviest stones used in architecture. Other stone columns are created out of multiple sections of stone, mortared or dry-fit together. In many classical sites, sectioned columns were carved with a center hole or depression so that they could be pegged together, using stone or metal pins. The design of most classical columns incorporates entasis (the inclusion of a slight outward curve in the sides) plus a reduction in diameter along the height of the column, so that the top is as little as 83% of the bottom diameter. This reduction mimics the parallax effects which the eye expects to see, and tends to make columns look taller and straighter than they are while entasis adds to that effect.

Modern columns are constructed out of steel, poured or precast concrete, or brick. They may then be clad in an architectural covering (or veneer), or left bare.

Column Offerings

Equilibrium, instability, and loads

As the axial load on a perfectly straight slender column with elastic material properties is increased in magnitude, this ideal column passes through three states: stable equilibrium, neutral equilibrium, and instability. The straight column under load is in stable equilibrium if a lateral force, applied between the two ends of the column, produces a small lateral deflection which disappears and the column returns to its straight form when the lateral force is removed.

These are composed of stacked segments and finished in the Corinthian style (Temple of Bel, Syria)

If the column load is gradually increased, a condition is reached in which the straight form of equilibrium becomes so-called neutral equilibrium, and a small lateral force will produce a deflection that does not disappear and the column remains in this slightly bent form when the lateral force is removed. The load at which neutral equilibrium of a column is reached is called the critical or buckling load. The state of instability is reached when a slight increase of the column load causes uncontrollably growing lateral deflections leading to complete collapse.

For an axially loaded straight column with any end support conditions, the equation of static equilibrium, in the form of a differential equation, can be solved for the deflected shape and critical load of the column. With hinged, fixed or free end support conditions the deflected shape in neutral equilibrium of an initially straight column with uniform cross section throughout its length always follows a partial or composite sinusoidal curve shape, and the critical load is given by

f_{cr}\equiv\frac{\pi^2\textit{E}I_{min}}{{L}^2}\qquad (1)

where E = modulus of elasticity of the material, Imin = the minimal moment of inertia of the cross section, and L = actual length of the column between its two end supports. A variant of (1) is given by

f_{cr}\equiv\frac{\pi^{2}E_T}{(\frac{KL}{r})^{2}}\qquad (2)

Table showing values of K for structural columns of various end conditions (adapted from Manual of Steel Construction, 8th edition, American Institute of Steel Construction, Table C1.8.1)

where r = radius of gyration of [column]cross-section which is equal to the square root of (I/A), K = ratio of the longest half sine wave to the actual column length, and KL = effective length (length of an equivalent hinged-hinged column). From Equation (2) it can be noted that the buckling strength of a column is inversely proportional to the square of its length.

When the critical stress, Fcr (Fcr =Pcr/A, where A = cross-sectional area of the column), is greater than the proportional limit of the material, the column is experiencing inelastic buckling. Since at this stress the slope of the material's stress-strain curve, Et (called the tangent modulus), is smaller than that below the proportional limit, the critical load at inelastic buckling is reduced. More complex formulas and procedures apply for such cases, but in its simplest form the critical buckling load formula is given as Equation (3),

f_{cr}\equiv{F_y}-\frac{F^{2}_{y}}{4\pi^{2}E}\left(\frac{KL}{r^2}\right)\qquad (3)

where Et = tangent modulus at the stress Fcr

A column with a cross section that lacks symmetry may suffer torsional buckling (sudden twisting) before, or in combination with, lateral buckling. The presence of the twisting deformations renders both theoretical analyses and practical designs rather complex.

Eccentricity of the load, or imperfections such as initial crookedness, decreases column strength. If the axial load on the column is not concentric, that is, its line of action is not precisely coincident with the centroidal axis of the column, the column is characterized as eccentrically loaded. The eccentricity of the load, or an initial curvature, subjects the column to immediate bending. The increased stresses due to the combined axial-plus-flexural stresses result in a reduced load-carrying ability.


When a column is too long to be built or transported in one piece, it has to be extended or spliced at the construction site. A reinforced concrete column is extended by having the steel reinforcing bars protrude a few inches or feet above the top of the concrete, then placing the next level of reinforcing bars to overlap, and pouring the concrete of the next level. A steel column is extended by welding or bolting splice plates on the flanges and webs or walls of the columns to provide a few inches or feet of load transfer from the upper to the lower column section. A timber column is usually extended by the use of a steel tube or wrapped-around sheet-metal plate bolted onto the two connecting timber sections


A column that carries the load down to a foundation must have means to transfer the load without overstressing the foundation material. Reinforced concrete and masonry columns are generally built directly on top of concrete foundations. A steel column, when seated on a concrete foundation, must have a base plate to spread the load over a larger area and thereby reduce the bearing pressure. The base plate is a thick rectangular steel plate usually welded to the bottom end of the column.






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