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Bead Board Wainscot

Shipped in 8 Foot Kits the Same Day! *

Beadboard wainscoting dates back to the Victorian era, providing a warm, rich and enjoyable living space. With its ease of installation it is a perfect addition to your special living space!
The bead board plank itself is quite substantial being 8.25” wide and 11/32” in thickness with the beads spaced 2.5” apart. This product is unlike the perforated bead board sheets found in the big box stores, which are not easy to adapt and leaves you with a lot of waste.
Our Bead board kit is both affordable and easily customized without a great deal of tools and or carpenter skills. All of the components are made from MDF or medium density fiberboard making it a very rigid and reliable product to work with. MDF can be cut and sanded as if it were wood. It arrives factory primer-coated white and ready for your final finishing with latex, oil or acrylic paints.
The lower rail (baseboard) and top rail and cap combination are generous in size and notched to receive the vertical bead board stiles making for a clean professional look. The maximum overall height from the bottom lower rail to the top of the top rail is 42.5”. Generally, we recommend a finished height of 38”. The bead board stiles are shipped in 8’ lengths allowing you to customize the finished height by simply cutting the stiles to the desired length. You can achieve a greater overall height by simply purchasing additional bead board sticks.
Finally, there is a complete bead board kit for purchase which contains all the necessary components specifically assembled for a perfect job. No need to travel from store to store searching or spending more time than it is worth figuring out how make it work. This has been done for you right out of the box. This bead board kit is affordable in a format you can customize without loss of quality or look. Bring back the warmth and feel of the Victorian era!
Each Bead Board kit contains the following:

  • 4 x 8’ Bead Board Sticks
  • 1 x 8’ Top Cap
  • 1 x 8' Top Rail
  • 1 x 8’ Lower Rail
  • 1 x 8’ Shoe Moulding

We have professionals standing by to help you with any problems or questions you may have about the product or installation. Get factory direct pricing and UPS delivery right to your door! Special reduced shipping rates.

Bead Board 8ft Kit
SKU: BD8-KT-44
Bead Board 8ft Kit
Bead board
SKU: Bead-8
Bead board
8 ft Upper Rail

8 ft Lower Rail

  Colonial Shoe Molding
SKU: D-BB1-8662B
Colonial Shoe Molding




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