panel, paneling, wainscoting, panel wall, wall paneling, wood paneling
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panel, paneling, wainscoting, panel wall, wall paneling, wood paneling


"I can't believe how much our house has changed! The comments we get from guests and friends are unending; you sure came through with your system!"


We will contact you directly after receiving your order to discuss your shipping options on your order.

Unless specified otherwise, shipping is extra for all products listed in this web site. Our goal is to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Because of the large volume of shipping we do, we are proud to say that we get the best discounts from our trucking companies. This translates to more savings to you.

If you like we can ship freight collect by common carrier (trucker). "Freight Collect" means that the truck driver will collect payment for the shipping charge when your order is delivered.

Almost all of our products ship by UPS, DHL or Fed-Ex Ground. Many of the items we ship are less than 8 ft long. UPS, DHL or Fed-Ex Ground do not ship packages over 8ft long, in those cases we use common carrier (truck) shipping. Pricing structures can be complicated depending on size, weight and distance, we are more than happy to help in this area. If you want a shipping quote please email us with your zip code and we will be glad to give you an estimate.

Stain grade Wainscot Kits FREE SHIPPING *
Bead Board, Flat Paneled or Raised Paneled Wainscot Kits
FLAT RATE* $59.00
For any number of kits
Wall Panelled Wainscot Kits 1 kit = USD$59.00
2 kits = USD$79.00
3 kits = USD$89.00
4 kits or more = USD$99.00


ALL Deco molding wood products are made from engineered wood or MDF which is guaranteed to be free in any cracks, any deformation, and insects like termites and most definitely is long horned beetle free.

* only the continental USA & 4-7 days UPS Ground

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