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Monitor Cables

High Definition RGB Video

RGB Video Cable consists of BNC and HD15 connector combinations. They carry red, green and blue color signals as well as horizontal and vertical synchronization information. Each cable features low loss, 75 Ohm coaxial lines that are fully shielded to protect against RFI/EMI interference. Each RGB cable also includes in-line ferrites for additional noise immunity and solid performance.

Standard VGA Monitor Cable

If you need a replacement or extension cable for your standard VGA monitor, we offer the choices you need. Our high quality VGA cables provide molded HD-15 connectors with thumb screws and offer male or female combinations.

Extended Length SVGA Cable

Our heavy duty SVGA cables are designed to extend your existing video cable up to 100 ft. with minimal signal loss. Use this cable to connect remote monitors, video presentation devices, video splitters and KVM switches.

Ultra Premium UXGA Cables

These ultra-premium monitor cables are ideal for large monitors, video presentation devices, video splitters, and KVM switches. Our UXGA cable features combinations of HD-15 male or female connectors and premium grade shielded video cable with twisted pair signal lines. Ferrite cores are standard for noise reduction and interference suppression. These cables are fully compatible with standard VGA connections.

VGA Cable

  • HD-15 male or female connectors
  • Shielded, twisted pair cable
  • RFI/EMI noise suppression
  • Compatible with legacy VGA

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