Pharmaceutical Company

How We Can Help

The Challenge

A leading pharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapies to treat cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, started early stage clinical trials of a new anticancer agent. Time and temperature sensitive samples had to be collected from study patients across the nation using a medical logistics provider with the appropriate cold chain capabilities to ensure the safe delivery of every crucial and delicate sample.

The Solution

With over 300 locations across the country, our drivers could reach patients in rural to urban areas in a moment’s notice.  In addition, we completed packaging from start to finish to ensure sample integrity in transit.  Drivers entered the facility with the validated shipping boxes, initiated the temperature monitoring device, sealed the box and completed the shipment.

The Results

We helped this pharmaceutical company by packaging sensitive biological samples in a temperature controlled environment and shipping them same day or overnight to be analyzed.  Samples arrived on time to the CRO uncompromised by temperature or travel conditions, ensuring the successful completion of the clinical trials.

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