Healthcare System

How We Can Help

The Challenge

With over 16 facilities in South Florida, a healthcare system was struggling to manage rising costs, manage deliveries and maintain high service levels.  They needed to manage the pickup and delivery of medical samples to its member labs with over 200 daily stops, including 20-30 STATs. It was essential that the control issues were solved through technology, and that stops were reorganized and streamlined for speed, efficiency and cost savings.

The Solution

The challenges facing this healthcare system were a good fit for our South Florida operations, who began by conducting a thorough audit and assessment of their existing courier system and developed a new customized strategy. This utilized a bar code upgrade to their current solution, as well as some stop consolidation and route optimization.

The Results

The costs savings from the restructured routes were in excess of 30%, which lead to better management of STAT deliveries and a greater ROI on technology essential to compliance and controls. The improved integrity of time and temperature sensitive samples and specimens allowed for improved clinical testing with value added to operations and compliance.

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