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Global Medical Device Company

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The Challenge

In order to respond quickly to critical patients, a medical device company specializing in technologies for applications such as aortic intervention, critical care, endoscopy and abdominal surgery, was maintaining redundant consignment and fi­eld rep stock. They needed to reduce inventory costs while improving response time.

The Solution

Our nationwide network of forward stocking locations included this company’s desired regions on the west coast. The range and breadth of sites allowed access to major healthcare facilities within minutes, to fulfill emergency needs. An inventory management system was put in place to control stock, protect the medical devices and improve online visibility.

The Results

We created a customized medical logistics strategy to function in emergency situations with a complicated inventory of medical devices. Inventory was simplified in forward stocking locations on the west coast and patients in critical condition received their medical devices on time, while inventory costs were reduced.

“Thanks to everyone who helped get life saving grafts to Tacoma this morning. The help from your end was quick and accurate, the phone information was relayed perfectly and the driver was as quick as possible. The patient was actively bleeding abdominally and would have not tolerated even 30 more minutes’ delay. Your help is greatly appreciated!”

District Manager – Aortic Intervention

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