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Cardiovascular Device Company

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The Challenge

A cardiovascular device company making interventional products for conditions such as abdominal aortic aneurysms relied on field rep stock to ensure that these devices were readily available for urgent procedures. This actually led to missed opportunities and high inventory costs. Inventory had to be held close to medical facilities, while improving response time and reducing costs. The devices also had to be handled with the utmost care.

The Solution

We created a customized medical logistics strategy to function in emergency situations with a complicated inventory of cardiovascular devices. The inventory was simplified in a forward stocking location in Boston and patients in critical condition received their medical devices on time without complications.

The Results

Our inventory management and deliveries offered them peace of mind and saved time and steep labor costs. As representatives of the company, our service partners were trained to handle delicate medical devices in time-critical situations. We offered same-day, over the threshold, urgent, on demand services for patients in life-threatening situations.

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