Food Ingredient Production

Food Ingredient ProductionFood ingredient production can present many liquid blending challenges. From agglomerate-free blends for consistent spray drying to emulsion creation for flavor and vitamin additives, Admix Inc. offers a full range of solutions to solve most mixing challenges.







How do we blend two miscible liquids in a continuous process with minimal maintenance? Can we get consistent color dispersion for our concentrate?

Admix offers its Admixer line of static blenders for continuous processing with no moving parts.

  • Side stream injectors, heat transfer and temperature control with jackets
  • Easily cleaned removable elements and specially polished finishes are all available
  • Meets 3-A TPV Standards #35-02
What will give us good general blending in our tank? How can we maintain a suspension in our vessel?

The Rotomixx® line offers fixed or portable tank agitation in all stainless steel construction. Provide simple blending for miscible fluids, solids incorporation and dispersion, or maintain a suspension.

We are trying to concentrate the solids level in a batch to reduce mixing times and control costs. The solids are hard-to-wet and create tough fisheyes that clog our filters. How can you help?

The Rotosolver® combines excellent fluid motion with efficient pumping blades and high shear mixing to break down fisheyes and agglomerates.

  • Clean-in-Place
  • Meets 3-A TPV Standards #73-01
We are creating a flavor emulsion that requires good stability. How can we do this in a single mixing step?

The Fastfeed system provides inline, simultaneous powder induction and dispersion from the safety of floor level. Produces continuous emulsions <1.0 micron on a single pass at powder feed rates >150#/min.

Some of our materials are very expensive, and testing can be expensive in large volumes. How do we test new recipes without a lot of waste?

The BenchMix programmable high shear lab mixer can be configured with Rotomixx®, Rotosolver® and Rotostat® heads for the greatest flexibility and accurate scale-up to full production.


We are so confident in our scale-up methods that we provide a process performance guarantee! Contact Us for details.

How can we improve the efficiency of our current production? We run multiple passes through a high pressure homogenizer, and must prefilter the product.

For in-line continuous processing, the DynaShear® and Boston Shearmill® high shear mixers and wet mills provide tight emulsions. Typical droplet size with the DynaShear is 2-3 microns and as fine as 0.5 microns with the Boston Shearmill. Break down tough fisheyes in a single pass, create fruit fillings with consistent and desirable particle sizes without any mechanical modifications. Designed to run 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!

  • DynaShear Meets 3-A TPV Standards #35-02
  • Boston Shearmill Meets 3-A TPV Standards #36-01
How can we blend powders into liquids without dusting and foaming?

Admix offers the VacuShear® system to induct powders or liquids under vacuum, provide high shear mixing for immediate powder dispersion, and vacuum deaeration for the best finished product. Where air entrainment is not a concern, the Admix powder induction line-up of Optifeed, PIC and Fastfeed provide inline, continuous powder induction and disperion at powder feed rates in excess of 150#/min on a single pass.







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