Admixer™ - For Sanitary Static Mixing & Blending

For Sanitary Static Mixing & Blending - Admixer™The concept behind a static mixer is simple: fluid flowing through a pipe is channeled through a geometric arrangement of mixing elements. The element geometry within the housing causes the flow to divide, mix, divide again and mix again until complete. The flow then continues in a pipe as if it had gone through conventional batch mixing in tanks, with the distinct difference that the degree of homogeneity can be precisely controlled within the sanitary static blender.


  • Highly predictable mixing and dispersion

  • 100% product uniformity and distribution from controlled shear and turbulence

  • Meets 3A TPV Standard #35-03

  • Meets USDA-Dairy Requirements

  • Low capital cost & maintenance

  • Improves safety and sanitation of mixing operation

  • 50-90% less power consumption than mechanical mixers

  • Total mechanical reliability - no moving parts, no electrical requirements, easy installation

  • Superior corrosion or abrasion resistance

  • Excellent process versatility - capable of handling viscosities over 1 million cps




3-A Sanitary Standards



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