Fresh Insights From Barry Oshry

To Escalate or Rabinate?

That Is The Question
Escalation is easy,
Rabination is not;
Escalation is all reflex,
Rabination takes thought;
Escalation is ever justified --
with both sides in the right,
Rabination shows its strength
when our choice is not to fight;
Escalation leads us to the precipice
and in killing we find release;
Rabination steps back from that precipice
and transforms war into peace.

Rabination proceeds from a base of strength, not weakness.
The rabinator can break bones, but chooses not to;
The rabinator can avenge slights, but chooses not to;
The rabinator can fight and win, but chooses not to.
Instead, the rabinator has the strength to step back from the precipice
and transform war into peace.

*Rabination was coined in honor of Yitzhak Rabin, Warrior and Peacemaker (1922-1995).

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