What's Special About Us?

A human systems approach based on the work of Barry Oshry that fundamentally transforms the way we view the many social systems of our lives.
Learning processes that move people from the destructive consequences of system blindness to system awareness, empowered personal change, and constructive systems change.
Insights into the leadership opportunities in our roles as Tops, Middles, Bottoms, Customers, and Providers.
High involvement organizational and societal simulations that produce visceral learning that sticks.
Not "pie in the sky." Deals with the reality of organizations as people experience it with practical payoffs for personal and organizational effectiveness.
An approach along with tools that liberates and empowers Middles to become key players in systems change.
A focus on working together in partnership across boundaries.
A perspective that challenges us to attain our higher-order possibilities as people and organizations.
Total learning environments that involve system experience, private reflection, whole system reflection, conceptualization, and application.
Dedicated, experienced and professional staff who believe in what they do and who are committed to working with you to insure your success.

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