"What a Way to Make A Living!
or The Search For Partnership In
Organizational Life"


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A 3-Act Play and Workshop
by Barry Oshry

Directed by Sue Hennessy

Performed by
The Seeing Systems Players
Workshop Facilitated by Marcia Hyatt

The Middle Support Group

You'll laugh. You'll cry. "What A Way To Make A Living" is a light-hearted look at the serious issues all of us who work in organizations face as we struggle to create partnership up, down, and across organizational lines. No one who has worked in an organization can escape seeing oneself and others in this romp as a demoralized work force, a frazzled middle management group, and a burdened top executive team struggle to find partnership with one another. This is no dull instructional skit.

Distressed, disheartened,
disempowered work force.

The talented cast put on a hard-hitting performance that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The play is one hour long. An interactive workshop follows the production in which audience members connect the play to their own organizational experiences and to the initiatives their organization is undertaking. (We work with you to tailor the workshop activities to your current initiatives.) The workshop is a two-hour activity.

Audience members will come away:

having a good laugh (often at themselves)
with a deeper understanding of and empathy for the issues people at all levels of the organization face
with a clearer picture of how easily partnerships break down and to how to prevent that from happening
with concrete strategies for creating and sustaining satisfying and productive partnerships up, down and across organizational lines
with deeper insight into how the potential for power exists throughout the organization

The Cast
The Seeing Systems Players, under the direction of Sue Hennessy, are based in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The cast members have theatre experience in drama, musical theatre, comedy, and mime.

Workshop Facilitator
Marcia Hyatt is a long-time collaborator of Barry Oshry. She is a regular staff member of The Power Lab and The Organization Workshop: Creating Partnership. She is co-author of TOWARDS A LEARNING ORGANIZATION: A GUIDE. Marcia is a partner in Belden Hyatt, co-founder of The Center for Emerging Leadership, an actor, and past President of the Board for the Grand Marais Playhouse.

For more information, please e-mail us.

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