Power In The Middle

The Challenge:
According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, more and more people want to get out of "middle" (supervisory and management) positions. These jobs are too stressful, too demanding, unmanageable, and unrewarding. Yet, in order to survive in these turbulent times, organizations need competent, effective, and empowered middles.

The Presentation:
This live two-hour presentation is based on Barry Oshry's seminal studies of middle positions in organizational life. The presentation examines the usual middle pattern whereby middles become torn, weak, ineffective, not able to satisfy anyone adequately, and disempowered individually and collectively. It then offers concrete strategies for unleashing the full value of the middle position, and demonstrates how middles can become the key players in
organizational success.

Unique Features:

It provides a proactive approach for pessimistic, skeptical middles who are caught in that tearing position.
It offers a framework that de-personalizes middle issues and begins to make them manageable.
It takes a complex subject and presents it in an easy-to-swallow fashion.
It includes ample time for hard-hitting questions and answers.
It can be followed by a half-day experiential workshop that becomes a practice field for trying out alternative approaches to the middle role.

Intended Audience:
For those who feel "the middle squeeze" whatever their level or position, and for those who manage middles.

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