Why There Are No Top Teams
And How To Create Them

The Challenge:
By now everyone knows the importance of teams for front-line workers and their value to the organization. Yet relatively little attention is paid to the critical need for teamwork at the top. The lack of teamwork at that level can have devastating effects on the tops themselves and on the organization...the formation of silos or stovepipes, mixed messages cascading throughout the organization, lack of cooperation across functions, and more.

The Presentation:

This live two-hour interactive presentation clarifies the unique difficulties of creating teamwork at the top. It examines how the special conditions of the top space -- immense complexity and responsibility for the whole system -- can lead to territorial issues among tops, the breakdown of potentially productive partnerships, and costly and divisive stove-piping throughout the system. It then offers concrete strategies for creating teamwork at the top.

Unique Features:

It offers a framework that takes the sting out of top issues by de-personalizing them and making them manageable.
It is based on years of research and solid systems theory.
It takes a complex and sensitive issue and presents it in an easy-to-take mode.
It includes ample time for hard-hitting questions and answers.

Intended Audience:
The presentation is valuable for both tops and for people who work with them.

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